Vegan cake mix

Vegan cake mix

New vegan cake mix - CREDI® Cake Vegan

Plant-based foods are getting increasingly popular as an alternative to foods containing ingredients of animal origin, like eggs and milk. Whether we are vegetarians, vegans or we just prefer to eat more vegetables and plant-based foods for other reasons, we all love cakes.

The number of consumers who prefer a diet consisting entirely or partly of plant-based foods is still increasing. So why not go along with the trend and boost your sale of cakes?


CREDI® Cake Vegan cake mix is based on vegetable ingredients, and gives a moist crumb and good taste - and it’s easy to use: All you have to add is water and vegetable oil. Because the very intention is to make it easy to offer the variety of cakes which your customers are looking for.


CREDI® Cake Vegan
• One basic recipe for the preparation of various sorts of cakes
• Easy to use – just add water and vegetable oil
• Freeze-stable


For inspiration and recipes read the CREDI® Cake Vegan brochure here


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