Soft cake

Soft Cake

Our Soft Cake premixes and concentrates are all developed with high focus on a delicious sweet taste and a moist crumb structure as well as good baking performance to ensure the perfect result. The batter is very easy to handle and has a high viscosity which ensures that berries and chocolate chunks do not sink. The ready-baked cakes can easily be decorated with sweet icing, crumble or fresh berries.


The Soft cakes are designed and tailormade to Craft bakeries and Semi industry.


Please contact us for more information and inspiration about our Soft Cake mixes and how we can help customize a product that suits your needs.


About our Soft Cakes:

  • Designed to various production equipment
  • Cacao or natural color
  • Only natural flavours
  • Designed with different baking powder systems to ensure a perfect structure
  • Emulsifier and enzyme systems to ensure a good shelf life
  • We offer products without allergens and total Gluten Free products

A selected range of our assortment:

CREDI Platin Cake Neutral

Plain premium cake mix for cream cakes. Very moist and with a long freshness


CREDI Platin Cake Choko

Dark premium cake mix for cream cakes. Very moist and with a long freshness


CREDI Multi Cake

An excellent moist cake blend. This one product can create a huge variety


CREDI Luxury Cake

A nice soft and moist cake which brings weight into the final cake


CREDI Cake Vegan

Simply the best Vegan cake mix. Create a huge variety by adding fruit ect.


CREDI Luxury Brownie

A cake like brownie with a great mouth feeling and a fudgy core


Cake Donut             

American style cake donut



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