Gluten Free bread & cakes

Gluten Free bread & cakes

When you have coeliac disease, food is often a question of what to avoid. This folder aims to be an inspiration for opportunities to choose rather than to avoid. Up till now, the range of available gluten free baked goods has been limited, and for some, a bit difficult to handle. Credin’s gluten free range of bread and cake mixes, makes it easy to bake high-quality and tasty gluten free baked goods.


We would like to invite you into Credin’s Gluten Free Universe, where you can find inspiration on how to bake delicious gluten free bread and cakes. This includes both delicious gluten free recipes for bread and cakes, how to make variations, and how to serve them. You will also find information about what coeliac disease actually is, and what you should keep in mind when working with gluten free baked goods in the bakery.

All recipes are based on Credin’s gluten free products, which are all very easy to handle. You can be sure of making goods with fine taste and consistency, and on top of that you can find a large number of ways to make variations. This allows you to add your own personal touch to the baked goods.


When using Credin gluten free products you get:

• Quality raw materials
• Steady and good production
• High-quality baked goods
• Possibilities and variation - add your own touch
• BRC certification


Our fine team of expert bakers will be more than pleased to give you advice and guidance.


Read the Gluten Free brochure here


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