Cake Donuts


Donuts are a sight to behold – and they taste fantastic. The beautiful decoration makes the difference and offers many opportunities to make inspiring donuts with perfect taste.


We have developed our take on delicious and airy cake donuts, they are based on two of our cake blends - the dark luxury brownie and the plain luxury cake blend. Both provides a delicious taste experience. Donuts are usually plain, we have therefore added a dark donut, with a deep taste of cocoa which offers extra variety and delicious decorations.


Hornbæk bakery in Denmark

Jesper Christensen from Hornbæk bakery in Denmark, has tested the wonderful donuts in his bakery. And in the first month, he sold more than 3,000 Cake donuts – without exceeding the sales of his existing products.


“The Cake donuts are slightly sweeter than the deep-fried donuts and have a wider appeal – especially among children and young people. It is worth it”.


Easy and simple

“It only took a short time to get our production started and we quickly found an easy flow. I can only recommend getting started”. Jesper Christensen, Hornbæk Bakery, Denmark 


For more inspiration see CREDI® Cake Donut brochure here.

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We bring our knowledge to your business 


With 90 years og invaluable expertise and know-how. We bring our knowledge to your business. To us, providing tailor-made quality solutions at fair, transparent prices, on time – every time! – is not just a promise; it’s our tradition. Our true strength lies in our innovative solutions driven by our passionate people - the heart of Credin.



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At Credin, we are driven by our passion for developing outstanding tailor-made bakery and pastry solutions!


•  Over 90 years of experience and know-how
•  Close and direct partnership with our specialist team
•  Agile development process
•  Awarded AA grade in BRCGS Audit (unannounced)

•  Innovative tailor-made solutions for the bakery industry
•  A part of the Orkla Food Ingredients division (OFI)



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