Facts about gluten intolerance

Facts about gluten intolerance

If you have Coeliac Disease (gluten intolerance) you are often left with a rather limited choice of gluten free bread and cakes or the choice you have is not quite as attractive as the gluten-containing assortment. Moreover, the fact that the number of persons who are more or less avoiding gluten completely is still increasing, is just another incitement for you as part of the food service sector to explore Credin’s Gluten Free Universe. Here you will find inspiration for baking delicious bread and fine cakes – of top quality and with superior taste. 


What is Coeliac Disease?
Coeliac Disease is intolerance to gluten, and is a lifelong disease of the small intestine. It is triggered off by proteins that are found in wheat, rye and barley, commonly referred to as ”gluten”. Oats do not contain gluten as such, but contamination from mills, fields or harvest has the effect that almost all oat products contain gluten. Consequently, oats must be specially processed to be gluten free.


Gluten intolerant persons are tempted by freshly baked bread and cakes, just like anyone else. However, they often have to refrain from the available ordinary baked goods, because the consequences of eating gluten-containing products are serious to them.


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