Soft Dough - a world of possibilities

Soft Dough - a world of possibilities

Soft dough is an increasingly important part of the traditional baking, and one of our core products. We offer our customers innovative solutions, great taste and flexibility, a long shelf life and an easy to work with soft dough.

JUST4TASTE® Pastry Dough was developed with focus on tasteexperience in a wide range of possibilities of adding flavor and other ingredients. The soft dough is the perfect combination and base for all kinds of soft pastry.

The advantages of using JUST4TASTE® Pastry Dough:

• Fantastic flavour
• Versatile – may be used in a variety of ways
• Excellent fresh keeping
• Easy to handle
• Unbaked products may be refrigerated for up to 24 hours
• Fewer scalings 


For inspiration read the Soft Dough brochure here

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