Gluten free baguette


We have developed a gluten free Baguette with a fantastic open crumb structure and tremendously softness. The baguette premix contains gluten free sour dough, which gives the Baguette a unique and tasteful bread flavour and smell. It has a nice crispy crust, an authentic baguette look and a long freshness. Furthermore, we have added vegetable fibre to the baguette mix.


The dough is very easy to handle and is based on a 100% premix, where you only must add yeast, oil and water and the dough is easily shaped into baguettes or rolls. The premix ensures an easy and effective production and is designed to various production equipment. 


The baguette is designed and tailormade to Industrial production and Craft bakeries.


Please contact us for more information and inspiration about our gluten free baguette and how we can help customize a product that suits your needs.


More about our baguette:

  • Fantastic open crumb structure
  • Long freshness and softness
  • Great bread flavour from the gluten free sourdough
  • An easy to handle dough texture
  • Freeze stable (delicious when reheated)
  • Tailormade to industrial production and craft bakeries
  • We offer tailormade gluten free solutions

Tip: Mix the Baguette dough with our Soft Kernel premix to create a more grainy bread or a delicious sandwich assortment.


Contact us for more information and inspiration about our gluten free baguette premix or if you need help tailor a product for your production.





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