Gluten free brownie


A delicious brownie with an intense cocoa flavour and tasty core with a perfect mouth feeling of a fudgy and rich brownie. It feels and tastes like a traditional baked brownie. 


The batter for the brownie has a high viscosity which ensures that nuts and chocolate chunks do not sink to the bottom. With this brownie mix you get a high quality and uniform brownie every time as the batter is very easy to dose and very stable during baking. 


The batter for the Brownie is a 100% premix, where you only must add egg, oil and water. The brownie mix ensure an easy and effective production and is designed to various production equipment.


The brownie is tailormade to Industrial production and Craft bakeries.


Please contact us for more information and inspiration about our gluten free brownie and how we can help customize a product that suits your needs.


More about our brownie:

  • Rich and fudgy flavour - great taste experience
  • Only selected and quality ingredients 
  • Emulsifier system to ensure long freshness
  • Batter with high viscosity
  • High uniform baked quality
  • Tailormade to industrial production and craft bakeries
  • We offer tailormade gluten free solutions

Tip: You can add chocolate chunks and nuts for a rich and tasteful experience.


Contact us for more information and inspiration about our gluten free brownie premix or if you need help tailor a product for your production.



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