Gluten free oat bread

Oat Bread

Our Oat Bread is a moist and tasteful bread with oat flour and a high content of fibers. The bread has a fantastic open crumb structure and a mild taste of oat and sour dough and a perfect rustic apperance. You can feel and sense the bread quality with this nice gluten free bread.


The bread has a low content of salt and a high content of fiber. It can be saved for days as it stays moist and delicious.


The dough for the oat bread is easy to handle and is based on the oat bread mix which is a 100% premix, where you only must add yeast and water.


The Oat Bread is designed and tailormade to Industrial production and Craft bakeries.


Please contact us for more information and inspiration about our oat bread and how we can help customize a product that suits your needs.


More about our oat bread:

  • Fantastic crumb structure
  • Unique taste experience of oat and sour dough
  • Good dough stability during processing
  • High quality every time
  • Versatile product with many possibilites
  • We offer tailormade gluten free solutions

Tip: Create many variations of crispy bread and buns with this premix. You can also add roasted seeds and gluten free grains to the dough and create exiting new varieties.


Contact us for more information and inspiration about our gluten free oat bread premix or if you need help tailor a product for your production.




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