Bread Concentrates

Bread Concentrates

We have a wide range of concentrates for high quality bread, morning rolls and baguettes. The concentrates are the base and ensures character and a perfect taste experience. It is very easy to create large variety and bread of high quality. All our concentrates ensures unique baking performance and uniform quality. A quality result every time.


More about our bread concentrates:

  • God dough stability during mixing and processing
  • Various from 5% to 50% based on flour
  • Based on selected flour types and kernels, seeds, malt and sour dough to create flavour and crumb
  • High uniform quality bread types with excellent taste and crumb structure
  • Secure production with less scaling of many raw materials
  • We offer 100% premixes which are total Gluten Free

A selected range of our assortment:

PASCO Ciabatta Conc.

Concentrate for Ciabatta based on wheat sourdough. Dosage: 15%


MultiBase Mediterranean Conc.

A special mediterranean style concentrate for rolls, baguette, foccacia, pizza etc. Contaning durum flour, olive oil, wheat sourdough. Dosage 15%


JUST4TASTE Sourdough and Malt Conc.

Wheat sourdough and malt concentrate. Dosage: 20%


JUST4TASTE Potato Conc.

Potato bread concentrate for making nice tasty buns bread - artisan style. Dosage: 33%



Malt bread containing soya, linseeds, sunflower seeds and malt. Dosage: 30%


JUST4TASTE Multi Grain Conc.

Dark malty blend. Dosage 30%


JUST4TASTE Pumpkin Conc.

Concentrate for artisan pumpkin bread and soft buns. Dosage 30%


JUST4TASTE Kernels Conc.

Artisan bread concentrate of barley, soya grit, linseed and sunflower seeds. Dosage 50%



Sweet corn brerad concentrate with a nice yellow crumb. Dosage 50%


JUST4TASTE Protein Conc. U.S.

High protein bread concentrate used for morning rolls, soft buns, artisan bread, panini and sliced bread. Dosage 50%


CREDI Ferment 

A high-end bread mix which gives your bread a rich flavour of sourdough and a nice crusty crust. The bread mix is based on fermented flour and sourdough. Dosage 100%



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