Improvers & Softners

Improvers & Softners

We offer a wide range of different bread improvers and baking aids which helps the bread and ensures a good result every time. 


The bread improvers are designed and tailormade to Craft bakeries & Semi industry and ensures:

  • Good dough stability
  • High volume
  • Nice crumb structure and softness
  • Cool and freeze stability

A selected range of our assortiment:


PAN-UP Power

Improver added wheat sourdough and barley malt. Used for bread, baguettes, crusty morning rolls, artisan style bread



Special improver for all types of processing e.g. slow dough, retarding fermentation, interruption and deep frozen dough pieces as well as for direct processing. Suitable for long time freezing.



Improver for short period of freezing or one-two days in chiller, ideal for amaller bakeries or instore bakeries.



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