Sponge Cake

Our Sponge Cake and Swiss Roll premixes ensure a stable batter during baking and provide tasty moist and airy cake bases. The batter is easy to work with and can be used for thick as well as thin cake bases. Simply add cocoa to create more varieties with the same cake mixes.


The Sponge cake and the Swiss roll premixes are designed and tailormade to Craft bakeries.


We are specialized in tailor-made solutions. Please contact us for more information and inspiration about our premixes and how we can help customize a product that suits your needs.


More about our Sponge Cake / Swiss Roll premixes:

  • You only must add eggs and water or only water
  • Designed to various production equipment
  • Only natural flavours
  • Designed with different baking powder systems to create a nice airy structure
  • We offer products without milk and total Gluten Free products

A selected range of our assortment:


Sponge Cake Mix

Easy workable sponge cake premix 


CREDI Cake Swiss Roll / Cremin

For swiss rolls and sponge cakes giveing a thik batter with high stability during baking and afterwards giving a moist and elastic sponge for the swiss roll



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We bring our knowledge to your business 


With 90 years og invaluable expertise and know-how. We bring our knowledge to your business. To us, providing tailor-made quality solutions at fair, transparent prices, on time – every time! – is not just a promise; it’s our tradition. Our true strength lies in our innovative solutions driven by our passionate people - the heart of Credin.



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Let’s create tailor-made solutions together


At Credin, we are driven by our passion for developing outstanding tailor-made bakery and pastry solutions!


•  Over 90 years of experience and know-how
•  Close and direct partnership with our specialist team
•  Agile development process
•  Awarded AA grade in BRCGS Audit (unannounced)

•  Innovative tailor-made solutions for the bakery industry
•  A part of the Orkla Food Ingredients division (OFI)



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