Soft Dough

Soft Dough

Credins soft dough has been developed, refined and tested during many years and ensures a rich smooth taste and a perfect result every time. Soft dough forms the basis of a wide range of products and contains freshness which ensures that the baked products stay fresh for a long time. The dough can be produced and stored chilled or frozen and is very easy to handle.


The Soft Dough is designed and tailormade to Craft bakeries & Semi industry.


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More about our soft dough:

  • Designed to various production equipment
  • Freeze and cool stable
  • Only natural flavors
  • Emulsifier and enzyme systems ensure a long shelf life and softness
  • We offer vegan products
  • We offer a range of Gluten Free Soft Dough

A selected range of our assortment:


This fantastic Soft dough concentrate is very easy to handle and gives a tremendous softness and a long shelf life for the baked products. Can be used for a large variety of products. Always ensuring great taste and softness


JUST4TASTE Berliner Concentrate

Yeast donut concentrate - authentic bavarian style, great softness and very nice colour


CREDI Quark Scones

Quark Scones with an outstanding softness, nice dairy flavour with a hint of lemon


Vanilla Scones

Classic and tastefull Vanilla Scones just add your choice of chocolate chunks or dried fruits



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